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Moss Hanging Basket

Moss Basket

Materials Required:

1 – Bag (1/2 a grocery store style bag) sphagnum moss. The moss could be bought or harvested from woodland making sure not to take too much from any one area.

3 – Assorted toppers for the hanging basket your choice (i.e. spike, geranium, begonia).

1 – 20 litre bag of light potting soil.

3 – Tablespoons slow release fertilizer.

20 -25 stuffers for the sides and top.

1 - 14’ wire frame.


How to Build a Hanging Moss Basket

A hanging moss basket full of colourful flowering annuals and foliage is a project that anyone will be able to achieve with a few directions. A hanging moss basket will provide you with a multi-season of colour to enjoy, by changing the foliage and adding seasonal greens.

First, line the bottom of the basket with a thick layer of moss extending up the sides of the basket 2”. An option at this time would be to add a 12 inch saucer on top of the moss, to aid in the water holding capacity of the basket. Add soil to the same height as the moss and sprinkle the soil with a tablespoon of slow release fertilizer.

Evenly place the first layer of plants around the basket, inserting roots through the wire. Add another layer of moss and soil, repeat planting and stager the spacing of the plants. You should have 3 layers of plants for the sides of your planter.

Finish off the sides with additional moss and then plant the top of your basket with the upright plant material you purchased. Attach the wire hanger, water and then place your basket in your chosen spot.

Caring for your summer basket will depend on where the basket is placed. Is the basket fully dependent on you for moisture? On a dry hot day the basket may require water twice daily. If the basket feels lightweight water it thoroughly, if it is heavy leave it for another day.

Once the water slows to drips, give the plant another drink--this will ensure that the plant is completely watered. If the basket is too dry to absorb water, remove it from its hanging spot and place in a large plastic container, then let it soak for an hour or two. Remove faded blooms to encourage new growth and flowers. Trim trailing plants as required to keep a neat looking appearance.

If time does not permit, one of our talented designers at Shades of Green will custom build a moss basket suited to your conditions, or you can purchase one of the many styles and sizes we have available in the garden centre.

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