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Natural Weed Control

Some tips on how to control weeds in your yard and garden, without using chemicals.


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Natural Weed Control

By Steven Blades

One of the key complaints about organic lawn care is that there are few products on the market that can kill weeds that are organic. This, fortunately, is an inaccurate assumption. There are dozens of products on the market that help you keep weeds under control, and all of them are safe for the environment.

The best way to combat weeds is to simply prevent them. The easiest way to avoid the growth of weeds is by simply maintaining your lawn. Keeping healthy plant life, and watering properly will help keep the weeds at bay, while improper watering and allowing for soil compaction to occur will only help weeds to grow in the first place. Of course, if you have a big yard it's nearly impossible to prevent the growth of weeds, and in that case you're going to have to remove them before they kill off your desirable plants.

One method of natural weed control is with the use of barriers. Thin, plastic barriers set up around your plants will prevent the growth of weeds. This tactic works very well with summer plants such as tomatoes and melons. Another good alternative to plastic is paper, especially newspaper. Newspaper is a lot more durable than most other kinds of paper, although all paper is organic. You don't have to use anymore than a quarter of an inch of paper. You will want to weigh it down, probably with water to help release some of the nutrients still present in the paper, and then cover the whole thing with either soil, compost or straw.

If everything fails and you still get weeds, all you have to do is go to your nearest outdoor supply store and look for products that say they are organic. Luckily, they are a lot more common than you think they would be.

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