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Not having a garden does not mean that you cannot have fresh, home grown herbs. There is a common misconception that herbs are hard to grow indoors.


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Indoor Herb Gardens - Three Top Tips to a Successful Yield

By John Jay Amarant

Here are our top three tips to making your indoor herb gardens a success.

1. Plenty of sunlight. It is important that herbs have plenty of light, if they do not their flavour will be compromised. A clue that your indoor herb gardens not getting enough light is that the stems are long and weak, unable to hold the leaves of the herb. If you cannot get enough natural light you can invest in a growlight. This is a special light bulb which replicates sunlight and helps your herbs to flourish.

2. Correct humidity. None of us like being cold in winter, so we heat our homes. The constant heat causes the air to dry out and this is not good for your herb garden. Rather than investing in a humidifier you can simply place pots full of pebbles and water near the herb garden and as the water evaporates it will nourish the herbs. This is a simple, effective and cheap way to resolve the dry air created by your heating. You may want to try this with any other indoor plants which you have.

3. Keep them clean from pests. Nature will often offer solutions, and in the case of pests, many off their eggs are killed off by the cold and frost. Since your herbs are inside, they will not have this and you may find that your herbs are infested. There is a very simple solution to pests, washing in warm soapy water. If your plants are in fairly small pots you can simply up turn them, ensuring that you hold the soil and roots firmly in their pot, and swill the leaves in a bowl of warm soapy water. If the pots are too big and heavy then you will have to spray the plants with soapy water.

These few simple guidelines should help your indoor herb gardens to flourish. Once your herb garden is established you will soon find that you are constantly finding new herbs to add to it. If you start to have more plants than you have space for it is worth remembering that a potted home grown herb makes a great gift.

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